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Here are some common questions we are asked:

What is the cost for removing animals from my home?

Every situation is different and we cannot provide an accurate quote without inspecting the home. This is why Gates Wildlife Control provides free on-site estimates (conditions apply) where possible

How do you remove wildlife from my home?

Gates Wildlife Control is always focused on humanely removing animals. This usually involves the installation of a one-way-door in animal created entryways. If babies are involved, the use of Gates' specially designed heated release box keeps the babies warm and comfortable until the mother is able to retrieve them. You can see how we remove raccoons, skunks, squirrels, starlings, pigeonss, bats and geese on our Get Them Out page.

How do you prevent animals from my entering or re-entering my home?

Once Gates Wildlife Control has confirmed all animals have been removed from the home, we wil repair entryways and secure a heavy guage galvanized screen over the entry hole. Animal proofing of roof vents, plumbing roof mats / pipes, chimneys etc. (see our section on Keep Them Out) is also essential to keep all wildlife out for a long time to come. All repair work is backed by our Gates one year guarantee, supported by our over 35 years in business.

Where can I find reviews on Gates Wildlife Control

Gates Wildlife Control comes highly recommended. Please check out our Reviews to see customer reviews from Homestars, Google and Facebook. If we assisted with your wildlife removal issue, please leave a review and let us know how we did.

Does Gates Wildlife Control have liabilty insurance?

Yes, Gates Wildlife Control has commercial liability insurance ($5 million), fall protection certificates and Workers Safety Insurance Board certificates. Ask to see them.

What cities do you provide wildlife removal in?

How can I schedule an onsite visit?

You can book an appointment through our appointment booking form or contacting us directly by phone: 416-750-9453, toll free: 1-877-750-9453 or by email:

About Gates' Wildlife Control

AAA Gates' Wildlife Control is a full service wildlife removal company. We humanely GET THEM OUT from residences and businesses and we KEEP THEM OUT by repairing the animal's entry holes as well as animal-proofing other potential entry points. By undertaking these steps we can prevent the animals from causing further damage and we can guarantee your complete satisfaction!

We specialize in removing wild animals, including racccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, starlings, pigeons, geese and more across the GTA.

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