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Skunks Under Proches, Decks And Sheds

Skunks cause obnoxious odours to spread throughout the house and other structures which is highly annoying to both humans and pets. Unable to climb they seek areas under porches, decks and sheds. The warm, dry, secluded shelter provides protection from other animals and humans, making it a safe place to live.

AAA Gates' Wildlife Control will arrive at your home, conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a free estimate outlining the work necessary to solve the wildlife intrusion. During the birthing season, the first step is to evict the mother skunk while trying to avoid getting sprayed. A watchful eye must be therefore kept on her as her instinctive nature is to return to her young and protect them by utilizing her very effective defense system. Only after the mother skunk has been chased from under the structure can her babies be collected. In cases when the adult or mobile juveniles cannot be chased outside, installation of our tested and proven Gates one-way-door allows them to exit through the door but not to get back in.

The next step is to dig a trench around the entire porch or shed entered by the skunk, to install heavy galvanized steel screen and then to back fill the trench. This will prevent any attempts by the skunk to dig back under the structure. All repair work is backed by our Gates one year guarantee, supported by our over 35 years in business.

The final step in our humane approach is to reunite the mother skunk with her young. To this extent the babies are placed in our specifically designed Gates heated release box, which maintains their core body temperature. The maternal mother skunk will return to retrieve her young, one by one, and to take them to a known, pre-established secondary den site.

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Do It Yourself Dangers

For the "do-it-yourselfer", performing wildlife removal and animal proofing can be a dangerous undertaking and best be left to an experienced professional. Over the years we have come across customers who attempted to do-it-themselves, only to sustain serious bodily harm by falling off ladders and roofs. One customer, startled by an aggressive mother raccoon fell through their ceiling onto the staircase below and broke his back.

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