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Why Choose Gates Wildlife Control?

AAA Gates' Wildlife Control is one of Canada's leading animal removal and animal control companies with service in Ontario and British Columbia. We specialize in humanely removing wildlife from residences and businesses and we keep them out by repairing the animal's entry holes as well as animal-proofing other potential entry points. By undertaking these steps we can prevent the animals from causing further damage and we can guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Our wildlife removal services include the removal of racccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, starlings, pigeons, geese and more across the GTA.

With over 35 yers of experience, Gates' Wildlife Control comes highly recommended. View some of our reviews and see what others are saying about our wildlife removal services.

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Expert skunk removal
Toronto Star

The Skunk Rescuer

How Gates Wildlife Control takes care of unwanted critters

Having had the opportunity to work so closely with wildlife is my dream come true.

— Brad Gates
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Full Service Wildlife Removal


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