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Canada Geese

Some Canada Geese prefer to nest in the gardens of commercial buildings. Because of their aggressive nature the adult geese will attack any person that comes in close proximity to their nest. This unprovoked behaviour can result in the loss of business from customers being chased away. Also, customers and employees can sustain various degrees of injury caused by the attacking geese. The presence of geese droppings in parking lots and walkways is not only unsightly but may create a serious slip and fall hazard.

Canada Geese are migratory birds, protected under Canadian law, making it illegal to disturb, damage or destroy the nest or eggs except by special permit. Gates' Wildlife Control, having obtained the required permit, will arrive at your location to humanely chase off the adults and legally remove the nest. If the geese continue to lay eggs, we will return once again to remove the nest. This second visit will be undertaken free of charge.

Call Gates Wildlife Control today to humanely solve your Canada Geese problems.

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Do It Yourself Dangers

For the "do-it-yourselfer", removing animals such as raccoons and squirrels and animal proofing can be a dangerous undertaking and best be left to an experienced professional. Over the years we have come across customers who attempted to do-it-themselves, only to sustain serious bodily harm by falling off ladders and roofs. One customer, startled by an aggressive mother raccoon fell through their ceiling onto the staircase below and broke his back.

39 Years Of Wildlife Removal Experience

At Gates Wildlife Control, we offer professional and effective animal removal and prevention solutions to keep raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from entering your home. We also provide effective rodent control services for mice and rat infestations. Our team is trained and experienced in the installation of one-way doors, which allow the animals to exit your attic or walls, but prevent them from returning. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote,to keep these animals out of your home for good.

Raccoons, squirrels, and skunks are common animals that can cause damage and create nuisances when they move into your attic or walls. They can chew on wires, damage insulation, leave droppings and debris, and even carry diseases and parasites.

One-way doors are a humane and effective way to remove these animals from your home and prevent them from returning. The doors are installed over the entry points the animals are using to access your attic or walls. Once the animals leave to forage for food, they are unable to re-enter the space through the one-way door.

At Gates Wildlife Control, we have the knowledge and equipment to effectively install one-way doors for raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. Our team will also assess your home and identify any potential entry points that need to be sealed off to prevent future intrusions.

In addition to installing one-way doors, we also offer repair services for damage caused by the animals and provide screening of potential entry points. This includes fixing holes in the roof or walls to prevent water from coming into the roof and walls and installing screens over roof vents, soffits and chimneys.

Don't let raccoons, squirrels, or skunks take over your attic or walls. Contact Gates Wildlife Control today for a free consultation and quote, and keep these pests out of your home for good with our one-way door installation services.

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