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Pigeon problems

Pigeons are the most common avian pest in the Greater Toronto Area and are the most serious bird pest for human habitation. If you have pigeons on your property, they should be dealt with quickly. Pigeons can cause expensive damage to a property in a short period. The following are some common pigeon problems:

Property Damage

Corrosive damage to buildings and property: Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and prolonged contact to siding, painted surfaces, vegetation, and landscaping can cause lasting damage.

Invasive nests: Pigeon nests are commonly located on ridges and balconies around your home or business. This can cause a lose of useful spaces and unsightly and toxic bird droppings

Fire hazards: Birds also like to build their nests in chimneys which can cause smoke to back-up into the living-spaces or worse can catch on fire.

Blocked gutters and drainage. Pigeon nests in gutters or downpipes can cause water backup, flooding, and other damage, while also leading to runoff of their droppings, further spreading the risk of health issues and damage to property.

Health and Safety Risks

Mites, ticks, fleas: Pigeon nests are often infested with mites, ticks and fleas which can be a nuisance for humans as well as pets.

Histoplasmosis: If bird feces are inhaled, it can result in hisoplasmosis which is an incurable disease characterised by constant flu-like symptoms.

Cryptococcosis, and psittacosis: Like histoplasmosis, these diseases can be dangerous or life-threatening to people with certain conditions, like asthma or weakened immune systems and can result from contact or inhalition of pigeon droppings.

Pigeons reproduce rapidly, generating a clutch of 1-3 chicks with an incubation period of just 18 days. If you have a pigeon problem on your property, it’s critical to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more likely your property is to face costly repairs or irreversible damage.

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