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Wildlife Control and Prevention In Unionville

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AAA Gates Wildlife Control has been proudly servicing the residents of Unionville for over 32 years. Our philosophy is firmly based on the humane treatment of wildlife. National Geographic Channel recently filmed a 13 part series called Animal Extractors document our wildlife removals and rescues.

As the leader in the wildlife industry, the hallmark of our company is to uphold the humane treatment of wildlife and service excellence. Our dedication to this philosophy has over 50% of our customers referring us to their friends and family. AAA Gates Wildlife Control is recommended by numerous organizations such as Humane Societies, Animal Services, Wildlife Rehabilitators, Ministry of Natural Resources, Pest Control Businesses and even our direct competition.

The following humane wildlife services are provided in Unionville:

  • Raccoon removal, control and prevention
  • Squirrel removal, control and prevention
  • Skunk removal, control and prevention
  • Bird removal, control and prevention
  • Bat removal, control and prevention
  • Opossum removal, control and prevention

A money back guarantee is offered with all our services.

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