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Canada Goose Removal in Richmond Hill

Canada Geese Ruininig Richmond Hill Lawns & Gardens

Some Canada Geese prefer to nest in the gardens of Richmond Hillcommercial buildings. Because of their aggressive nature the adult geese will attack any person that comes in close proximity to their nest. This unprovoked behaviour can result in the loss of business from customers being chased away. Also, customers and employees can sustain various degrees of injury caused by the attacking geese. The presence of geese droppings in parking lots and walkways is not only unsightly but may create a serious slip and fall hazard.

Canada Geese are migratory birds, protected under Canadian law, making it illegal to disturb, damage or destroy the nest or eggs except by special permit. Gates' Wildlife Control, having obtained the required permit, will arrive at your Richmond Hill business to humanely chase off the adults and legally remove the nest. If the geese continue to lay eggs, we will return once again to remove the nest. This second visit will be undertaken free of charge.

About Gates' Wildlife Control

For over 35 years, AAA Gates Wildlife Control has proudly been servicing, controlling and removing geese and other wildlife for the residents of Richmond Hill. Our philosophy is based on treating all wildlife humanely and we approach each solution by considering the biology and habits of the individual species in mind and the situation at hand. AAA Gates Wildlife Control is proud to have been filmed by National Geographic Channel for a 13 part series called Animal Extractors.

We offer free on-site inspections and written estimates. Our dedication to provide quality service has resulted in over 50% of our customers referring us to their family and friends. AAA Gates Wildlife Control has earned the respect from numerous organizations such as Humane Societies, Animal Services, Wildlife Rehabilitators, Ministry of Natural Resources, Pest Control Businesses and even our direct competition.

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