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Wildlife Removal and Prevention In Newmarket

Wildlife Removal Experts

AAA Gates Wildlife Control has been offering wildlife removal services to the Newmarket area for over 35 years. Our company has pioneered a humane hands-on removal method to provide effective customer service while at the same time safeguarding our urban wildlife. AAA Gates Wildlife Control was recently filmed by National Geographic Channel in a 13 part documentary called Animal Extractors.

We provide free of charge on-site inspections and written estimates. Our commitment to provide quality service has resulted in over 50% of our business stemming from our satisfied customers referring us to their friends and family. AAA Gates Wildlife Control is respected by numerous organizations including Humane Societies, Animal Services, Wildlife Rehabilitators, Ministry of Natural Resources, Pest Control Businesses and even our direct competition.

We offer the following animal control services in Newmarket:

  • Raccoon removal, control and prevention
  • Squirrel removal, control and prevention
  • Skunk removal, control and prevention
  • Bird removal, control and prevention
  • Bat removal, control and prevention
  • Opossum removal, control and prevention

A money back guarantee is offered for all of our wildlife removal and prevention services.

Please Note: Gates Wildlife Control only provides service in this area from July to February
The City of Newmarket is located in the fastest-growing urban area in Canada. The city offers the perfect balance between liveability and economic prosperity however when natural food sources become scarce, wildlife will search for food which often leads to sightings in residential areas. With the animals wanting to stay in close proximity to food they look to establish den sites nearby leading to more intrusions.

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Unfortunately due to current staffing issues Gates Wildlife Control is unable to provide service to this region during this spring season. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.

Wildlife Removal Services in Newmarket

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