'YOU GUYS ARE HUGE': 11 trapped, massive raccoons rescued from Toronto home

Windsor Star | December 20, 2019

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The December cold is making everyone find a place to hunker down this winter, even Toronto's raccoons.

Gates Wildlife Control, a Scarborough-based wildlife removal company, shared a video that shows an amusing encounter between a Gates field supervisor named Joel and 11 raccoons that had become stuck in an enclosed porch of a Toronto home.

"The house was under full renovation and the back door was left open one night," the video's caption reads.

It's suspected the raccoons followed each other one-by-one into the closed-off area after making their way in through a broken window.

Unfortunately for the raccoons, the height of the window they came in from and the room's locked door made escape impossible. Construction workers discovered the trapped critters after showing up to renovate the home the next day.

In the video, Joel can be seen poking and prodding the visibly overweight raccoons out of a corner with a pole.

"You guys are huge," Joel is heard saying in the video. "Look at this one," Joel says as a particularly portly raccoon waddles out of the room.

The stubborn raccoons resisted at first but eventually, they made their exit. That is until a few of the raccoons made a last-ditch attempt to stay by wriggling their way into a gap in the wall.

After pulling back the crumbling wall, three raccoons are revealed, falling on top of one another before scurrying to the outdoors.

Thankfully, all 11 raccoons returned safely to the outdoors.

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