Raccoon Fatally Injured After Leg Caught In 'Barbaric' Trap

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Viewer discretion is advised, the image and details of this story may be disturbing to some CityNews.ca readers.

Animal control officials weren't able to save a raccoon's life after its leg became caught in a trap.

The scared and badly hurt creature was discovered hiding under a barbeque in the back yard of a Bayview and York Mills area home with its front leg gripped in the device.

Brad Gates of AAA Gates Wildlife Control was called to the home, and says what he saw disturbed him.

"It was horrific, the raccoon was in severe pain as the jaws of the leg hold had nearly severed the front right paw," Gates described in a statement. "The swelling and infection suggests that the raccoon had been dragging the heavy trap around for two or three days before being discovered by a homeowner."

Gates managed to pull the adult male raccoon out from under the barbeque and after putting it in a cage brought it to the Toronto Wildlife Centre. There, vets and support staff sprang into action in an attempt to save the animal's life. They anesthetized it and managed to remove the trap from its leg.

Unfortunately after taking a closer look at the limb they realized they wouldn't be able to save its life.

Gates called the trap "barbaric" and suggested it was appalling to think anyone would set it.

"Especially when you consider the outcome would cause so much pain and suffering to another creature," he notes. "An unsuspecting child or family pet could have easily become a victim of this device."

David Parry, who found the animal, admits he sees raccoons around the neighbourhood in the summer but said he's "not sure they're a problem."

According to the city of Toronto's website, using body gripping traps or placing poison out to get rid of raccoons could result in criminal charges and/or provincial charges with fines of up to $5,000.

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