Nuisance Wildlife and Municipal Animal Services

By Brad Gates

Over the years, AAA Gates' Wildlife Control has lent its support to Toronto Animal Services and other municipal agencies in solving a variety of wildlife conflicts.

Most municipal Animal Services when called upon to deal with wildlife are restricting their activities to the pick-up of sick and injured wildlife. As an example the mandate of Toronto Animal Services and Mississauga Animal Services does not include dealing with nuisance wildlife situations. Yet, the public is usually inclined to count on organizations such as Toronto Animal Services for advice on how to proceed with removing the animal from their home. In most cases animal services will direct the caller with a wildlife problem to the Yellowpages or the internet. This customary approach exposes the caller to a high probability of hiring a fly-by-night company, risking both animal welfare and consumer protection.

On the other hand, AAA Gates' Wildlife Control's service guarantee is supported by a well established company with over 28 years of experience in animal services. We offer wildlife removal and prevention services for many species of wildlife. As an example our animal control Toronto and animal control Mississauga offer:

  • Applying Species Specific Removal Techniques
  • Collecting Offspring if Present
  • Deodorizing to Prevent the Attraction of Wildlife
  • Installing Animal Proofing
  • Reuniting Offspring with Adult Female
  • Undertaking Final Quality Check
  • Summarizing Work Performed
  • Explaining Follow-up Procedures

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