Creature Comforts: How To Stop Wildlife From Invading Your Property

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There's a chance you're being a good host to some guests you may not even know are staying with you. And that's where Brad Gates hopes you'll invite him in, too.

He's the man behind AAA Wildlife Services and he's one of the busiest people in town at this time of year. Homeowners are discovering the same lesson they learn every year, when spring turns a young animal's thoughts to, well - producing young animals.

Raccoons, squirrels, even skunks are all coming out with the better weather and if you've got an attic, a roof or some other hospitable spot on your property, there's a good chance they may be holing up there, too.

It's an annual ritual and Gates and his crew are spending much of their early spring trying to get rid of them. Bob Maedel is typical of those plagued by the wildlife.

"I heard a kind of chattering noise right in the garage here," he recalls about his reluctant discovery.

His problem: baby raccoons and a feisty mother who doesn't want her nest disturbed.

"We started hearing them purr a little bit and we looked down and she was actually giving birth inside a garbage can," Gates recounts.

The masked bandits will use any accessible location to reproduce and while some people make it too easy for them to find one, they have no problem creating their own. "Raccoons are primarily looking for chimneys, attics and garages to nest down and give birth," Gates explains.

His suggestion: seal off the area before they get access. That means installing wire meshes on your roof, keeping your garage door closed and insuring there are no openings in your attic.

The creatures are taken away in a special box to be relocated and their nests sealed so they can't return to plague you. But they'll be back again next spring, unless you get the entrances closed now.

Raccoons can be temperamental and even dangerous if confronted, and there's always the danger of rabies. So if you have a wildlife problem in your home, you should leave it to a professional or face a possible fine.

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