Caught on video: Eleven huge raccoons removed from Toronto porch

CTV News | December 20, 2019

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TORONTO -- A wildlife control worker has captured the moment 11 huge raccoons were removed from the porch of a Toronto home.

The tubby trash pandas had let themselves into a house that was under construction after the back door was left open, according to Toronto-based Gates Wildlife Control.

Once inside, the gaze of raccoons made their way through a broken window leading into the front porch of the home, only to be discovered by construction workers when they showed up the next day.

“One by one, the raccoons must have followed each other into the porch area ,” Gates Wildlife field supervisor Joel Frost wrote in the caption for the video posted to YouTube on Dec. 19.

“The window was too high for the raccoons to get back inside and the front door to the porch was closed, leaving this group of raccoons stuck for the night.”

In the video, the wildlife worker can be seen coaxing the chonky animals out of the porch one-by-one by gently prodding them with a stick.

The black, white and grey critters were in no hurry to leave, with some scampering into a wall space.

All 11 critters eventually waddled out the front door.

One was removed before the worker started recording. 

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