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AAA Gates' Wildlife Control is privileged to have been frequently highlighted in the media and documentaries. Valued for our reputation as an ethical and humane wildlife removal company, our innovative and captivating approach lends itself to be easily featured.

We invite the media to document the engaging world of urban wildlife control by accompanying us as we solve wildlife intrusions. If you wish to have Gates' Wildlife Control’s work presented in your next TV, Radio or publication segment please contact us directly at 416-750-9453.

Opossums Invade the GTA - CTV News Spot

Increasing opossum populations in the GTA has caught the attention of the media. Being a moderate climate animal our mild winters have enabled many more of them to survive. Having the opportunity to see an opossum first-hand, North America's only marsupial, is something you won't soon forget.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic, in the 13 part series called Animal Extractors, documents AAA Gates' Wildlife Control's uniquely humane solutions while solving wildlife intrusions.

During nine weeks of filming, National Geographic shadowed Brad Gates and Peter Nolan of AAA Gates' Wildlife Control as they set out to solve nuisance wildlife situations. The camera was rolling as Brad and Peter responded to the not so ordinary wildlife removals and heart pounding emergencies.

Media Coverage

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