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Gates Keeps Them Out

To prevent wildlife from re-entering, animal proofing is the solution. This long-lasting approach avoids future removal and repair expenses.

Roof Vents

Roof Vents are constructed of light weight aluminum or plastic and are no obstacle for animals seeking entry into attics.

Roof Vent Before
Roof Vent After

Plumbing Vent Mats / Pipes

Plumbing Vent Mats are made of rubber and can easily be ripped open by wildlife. If wildlife climb into the pipe they can become stuck and cause the plumbing system to shut down.

Plumbing Vent Before
Plumbing Vent After

Roof / Soffit Intersections

Roof / Soffit Intersections can be easily manipulated by an animal looking to establish a den inside the attic space.

Roof Soffit Before
Roof Soffit After


Chimneys make ideal living quarters for raccoons, Squirrels and birds often fall into open chimneys and become stuck at the bottom. Sometimes these animals enter the living space of the home.

Chimney Before
Chimney After

Decks, Porches and Sheds

Decks, Porches and Sheds provide easily accessible living quarters for raccoons, skunks and other burrowing animals.

Deck Before
Deck After

Roof / Fascia Space

Roof / Fascia Spaces offer an opportunity for wildlife to gnaw on the free edge of the wood and gain entry into the attic.

Decks Before
Decks After

Stove and Bathroom Exhaust Vents

Stove and Bathroom Exhaust Vents make ideal nesting sites for birds and sometimes squirrels. This results in noticeable sounds, odours and insects.

Exhaust Vents Before
Exhaust Vents After

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