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“The Shoe Maker’s Children Go Bare Foot”

It’s official, I am now included in the meaning of this phrase. In my particular case “the wildlife removal guy’s house has no animal proofing”. Yesterday morning at about 5:30 AM my youngest daughter woke me and said “Dad there is a loud noise coming from my bedroom walls”. My first thought was the noise was caused by mice in the attic as we had experienced that a few years back. I reluctantly climbed out of bed and stumbled down the hallway to her room. I immediately heard some loud thumping sounds coming from the far end of the room. My daughter then said “what if it is a burglar in the adjoining garage attic?” My heart began to race with the prospect of the situation being much more serious than mice. As I continued to listen I began to hear a variety of bumps, scratching and an odd noise that sounded like hair brushing on the drywall ceiling. I immediately got dressed, grabbed a flashlight and headed out the front door. As I shinned the flashlight beam at the exterior of my daughter’s bedroom there it was, my long standing rival. The nerve of that raccoon tearing at the soffit of my house! As much as I wanted to be angry at the raccoon for breaking in, I quickly blamed myself for not animal proofing the most common area for raccoons to gain entry. It gets even more profound as a few months ago I had evicted a raccoon from my immediate neighbour’s house using the exact same point of entry on their house. The video shows how the situation unfolded but what it doesn’t explain is the perspective I gained through experiencing an animal home invasion first hand. Having had this opportunity to “walk in my customers shoes” has been an absolutely incredible opportunity. While I have always sympathized with how distraught some of my customers feel having unwanted wild animals in their house, I can only now truly empathize with the range of emotions and feelings that they must have. Having the initial thought that the noise could be that of a burglar and the safety of your family may be at risk is terrible. Not to mention contemplating the damage to insulation and wires and the unfathomable situation if the animal could fall through the drywall ceiling, though not very likely. I do understand the anger that some of my customers have towards the animals that break into their house but in most situations, it can be prevented. Every building has components that are vulnerable to animal intrusion and until we take the measures to animal proof them, we are putting out the “Welcome” sign. Take it from me, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Music Credit: www.bensound.com Please give this video of thumbs up if you enjoyed it! We GET THEM OUT and KEEP THEM OUT. Follow Our Adventures! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gateswildlife/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gates_wildl... Twitter: https://twitter.com/gateswildlife?lan...

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