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Gates Wildlife Shows You How We Remove Raccoons

Although some of our videos may make all our removals look straight forward and easy, that is hardly ever the case. There are many jobs that are very involved and put our 36 years of experience to the test. Dealing with wildlife has never been an exact science as they are living animals with a mind of their own. There is no way to predict where a specific mother raccoon will place her babies, how they will react at the sight of us or how their temperament will be. Cutting into walls and ceilings to access babies are a major part of our removal process in the Spring. Many mother raccoons will place their babies down a wall or in a cathedral ceiling, where we can not access them from the attic. Prior to cutting a hole, there is a lot of behind the scenes investigating to determine the safest location of the cut in order not to harm the babies. In 36 years of cutting in, a baby has never been harmed in the process. This past Spring we decided to document the process of cutting into ceilings, walls, garages and much more! Watch the full videos of the segments seen: Raccoon Mother Stands Her Ground - Unbelievable Footage! Raccoon Removal From Garage Wall Adorable Baby Raccoons Find A New Home Mother Raccoon Collecting Her Baby Gates Humane Removal of Baby Raccoons Almost Out Of Reach! Baby Raccoon Removal Why It Is Important to Hire an Ethical and Humane Wildlife Control Company Baby Raccoon Desperate For Help ENJOY!

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