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RESCUED! Belted King Fisher

Always Willing To Lend A Hand While having my morning coffee, a bird flew into the window at the side of the cottage. I quickly ran outside to discover a King Fisher on the deck. It was alert, standing up and even attempted to get away as I approached but it was clear it could not fly. After some effort I was able to catch the King Fisher and place it in a box to allow it to recover for a period of time. Throughout the day, I tried on two separate occasions to see if it had recovered enough to take flight. The King Fisher unfortunately did not attempt to fly. I decided the bird needed professional care and proceeded to make arrangements to bring it to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue on the way home the next day. After 24 hours of dropping the King Fisher off I received a call from Soper Creek letting me know that the bird had fully recovered. Soper Creek volunteered to drive the bird back to the cottage for the release. A special thanks to Soper Creek Wildlife for all they do for sick and injured wildlife and for getting this King Fisher back to its home with its family.

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