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Raccoon Photoshoot | Too Many Raccoons, Not Enough Hands

Too Many Raccoons, Not Enough Hands (A little bit of a shorter/different clip than we usually post on our page but it was too cute not to share!) Upon entering the attic, I immediately saw one mobile baby raccoon heading away from me. When I looked to the right I also saw three more babies huddled together in the corner. I made the decision to go after the three babies as you have to act fast at this time of year when babies are capable of running away from us. While I was collecting three of the four babies, they started to call out. This noise thankfully made the fourth baby come running right to my feet. This couldn’t have gone better as I was concerned about getting that fourth baby all the way across the attic. Once on the outside, we decided to take a photoshoot of these babies as they are some of the oldest we’ve seen this year! We quickly realized how curious and active these babies were. I collected all 4 babies for a group photo and immediately, all of them dispersed in opposite directions, climbing on my shoulders, exploring the grass behind us and displaying their curious nature. Watch to see this cute interaction! We returned to check on the babies today and found an empty baby box, meaning their mother was busy collecting all her babies last night! Featuring Gates Wildlife Technician Cassandra.

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