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Why It Is Important to Hire an Ethical and Humane Wildlife Control Company

Shop Our Merchandise Now: Watch to see how Gates Wildlife was able to find the baby raccoon in the garage wall. The mother raccoon returned that night to collect and relocate her baby. A Guide for Choosing an Ethical and Humane Wildlife Control Company Wildlife removal companies are not government licensed. Without any form of regulation governing the needed requirements to start a wildlife control business, homeowners are being exposed to fear mongering, incompetent advice, poor workmanship, health and safety issues and inhumane treatment of wildlife. The following guide will assist the townhouse homeowner, manager and board in choosing an ethical and humane wildlife control company. 1. Request a referral contact from your local animal welfare (Humane Society, OSPCA, etc.) or animal care and control agency to obtain a referral for a humane wildlife removal company. 2. Knowledge of wildlife. 3. Years in Business. 4. Insurance Coverage. 5. Company Size. 6. Awareness of wildlife birthing seasons. 7. Don't hire trapping companies. 8. Inspection of Attic. 9. Passive Removal Techniques. 10. On-site Release Methods. 11. On-site Estimate. 12. Provide Guarantee. 13. First Impression of Company. To read further on this topic, you can visit our Blog at this link:

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