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Maternal Momma Squirrel

Squirrels are extremely maternal. As soon as the mother hears their babies cry out, they come running… fast! This mother squirrel made her nest above the laundry room in a customers home and the only access she had into this space was through the garage doors. When we arrived on site the customer explained that when he would come home a squirrel would be sitting at the closed garage doors waiting to be let back in. With many failed attempts to get her to move away before opening the door to put the car in the garage, the mother squirrel was let back inside each time. After removing the babies and their nest, we decided to take the opportunity to snap some photos of the babies. As we were doing so, the babies started to cry out with their high-pitch call for mom. Before we knew it the mother squirrel was right beside us staring at her babies. We immediately stepped away and allowed her to start her relocation process. The following footage shows this mother squirrel coming back for each and every one of her babies. Only about 1-2 minutes passed between her leaving with a baby and returning for another. Enjoy! Music by: www.bensound.com

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